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Live Event Testimonials

Testimonial from Kash Rangan

“I have had the honor of working with Mitch as a colleague and client while forging a friendship over 20+ years. I believe I have a unique perspective as a result of these experiences. I choose my friends and influencers carefully and feel glad that Mitch is one of those trusted few. He has proven himself time and again. Mitch is intelligent, articulate, passionate, committed and genuine. It’s been amazing to watch his transformation from a Wall Street analyst and hedge fund manager to a mind guru. Given our common interest in this topic I have had the chance to follow his work, thought process and evolution very closely and to benefit from it. His cross disciplinary experience brings a very unique approach to busy working professionals. He can relate to business professionals and regular folks equally adeptly. His life experiences have molded him into an expert on the mind and mindfulness that can be applied in a business setting. We are working on getting him speaking engagements at our firm. Our industry will benefit meaningfully from recognizing and paying close attention to the perspectives he has developed since leaving the industry. I highly recommend Mitch for companies that want to invest in their most important assets: their employees; helping them meet their core needs so they can work better, more happily, healthily and ultimately, more profitably.”

– Kash Rangan
Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

Rob Ruple Testimonial “I have had the distinct opportunity to know Mitch Swergold, President and Founder of Self-Mastery Gym, INC and Swergold Advisory for the better part of 15 years. I came to know Mitch first as a client who was a diligent and accomplished Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager, then as a good friend and now as a teacher. Mitch was like most busy Wall Street professionals driven, analytical, preoccupied, and skeptical of most disciplines outside of the field of business and economics. However, his intellectual curiosity driven by the need for greater self-fulfillment and enlightenment beyond monetary achievement took him on an amazing decade long study of the mind. Mitch has developed a comprehensive program that combines the latest elements of science, meditation, and mindfulness that busy working professionals can not only apply to their daily lives, but that also translates into better employee morale and profitability for any company large or small over the long term. Also, Mitch’s unique experience, perspective and his presentation relates so well to the many pressures, anxieties, and daily stress in our business lives because he lived it and now provides another perspective for personal growth. Admittedly I too was skeptical about studying the field of mindfulness and its positive effects, but after spending time listening to Mitch and witnessing his genuine passion around the subject and the effectiveness of his program I am convinced. I would highly recommend Mitch and the Self-Mastery Gym, Inc program.”

– Robert Ruple
Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jon Perrin Testimonial

“Mitch is an exceptional mentor and speaker. Beyond that, he also is a great guide for his clients. Mitch keeps the class involved and engaged in the course content and enriches the program by sharing his much valued professional and life experiences with highly applicable scientific evidence and studies on the subject that help participants understand the material in a more practical way. His genuine interest in helping clients achieve excellence beyond the classroom really comes through. Whether as a business speaker or for personal coaching, I wholeheartedly recommend Mitch.”

– Jon Perrin
Vice President of Sales, Americas at Swrve (formerly with Oracle, Salesforce.com, Adobe Systems and ADP)

Professor Giuseppe Mascarella Testimonial

“I was impressed in the way Mitch was able to present leadership development topics to my 14 years boy. In my way back home my son kept discussing the discussion points raised by Mitch. He can inspire even teens.”

– Adj. Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella
Hire Us, We Are The ROI Finders In Internal And External IoT Data (formerly with Microsoft)

Eloisa Bustos Testimonials

“I’ve seen Mitch speak several times in Miami and have watched his teachings on video as well. Mitch has the ability to captivate both live audience and online viewers with his scientific approach to understanding and training the mind. I enjoy his teachings because they resonate with me. His teachings are helpful for work, home, and social settings.”

– Eloisa Bustos, Miami, FL
Starbucks Design Manager (formerly)

“Thanks Mitch, I more than enjoyed both your lecture as well as workshop on Happiness, more precisely “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life”. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who cares about mindfulness, peacefulness, satisfaction, and overall happiness in life. I was both impressed and inspired by your fountain of knowledge, and rest assured you will see me back, sooner than later!”

– Klemen Ferjan, Miami, FL
Consultant, Airline Performance – IATA

“I recently had the awesome privilege of attending a presentation called “Transform Your Body + Mind With One Simple Scientific Strategy,” given by Mitch Swergold. This presentation really helped me in being able to conceptualize how trauma affects me and those around me.

I am a mental health counselor and music therapist working in substance abuse rehab and I can personally attest to the power of the techniques Mitch gave us. I’ve used many mindfulness techniques with my clients, so I’m pretty well versed in many of the techniques that are effective. However, Mitch has a very clear and concise way of describing what I often struggle to put into words. His presentation helped clarify and put into perspective the effects of trauma on our lives. For instance, I often use a guided imagery experience with my clients where I have them “float their thoughts away on a cloud to increase relaxation.” I liked that Mitch stated that actually if we are to practice the art of non-resistance, we are not to push away or resist those thoughts, but rather observe the thoughts as they are without judgment.

In the past week since attending his presentation, I’ve used the image of the bear that is tremoring from shock that Mitch showed us to demonstrate to my clients what happens when our bodies can’t release repressed trauma and feelings; we need to find what helps us release those emotions in a healthy, cathartic way, without the use of drugs. This image proved to be an effective catalyst for helping them see what they do with their own bodies when they are restless i.e., fidgeting, wringing their hands, bobbing their feet/legs up and down etc.

Additionally, I started using this phrase which Mitch gave me as a means to help my clients conceptualize the importance of community and connection, two factors which are often missing in the lives of those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction: “We can cope on our own, but we heal in relationship.” He stressed the importance of community if we are to heal, and this
really resonated with me, and I can see how it is resonating with my clients.

I highly recommend Mitch to any organization, especially those where the environment and demands are intense. As Mitch says, “everyone needs this” and personally, I feel he does a great job of delivering the very information we all so badly need to function better, avoid unhealthy numbing strategies, heal, and live happier, more productive lives. Thanks, Mitch, for a great class!”

– Nicole Edwards, Hallandale, FL
Serenity Therapeutics, LLC

“I really enjoy being part of this group. The overwhelming gratitude from all who attended the Get Happy Stay Happy Play CampTM was so heartfelt. Mitch is an expert on how the brain works. He does such an eloquent job in channeling this beautiful message of happiness through how and why our experiences work to shape our realities, and how and what to do to overcome those obstacles. I enjoy his teaching style and natural ability to seamlessly convey his message, while making everyone watching feel at ease and comfortable. His experience, authenticity and knowledge are without a doubt respected by all who are blessed to know him. I highly recommend connecting with him.”

-Debbie DeVico, Tampa, FL

“Thank you for including me in a remarkable day. It was more than enjoyable, people lovely, the information was nonstop valuable. I highly recommend Mitch. I definitely will do personal coaching. A fun, interesting and very thought provoking day!”

-Michelle Rosenfeld, Art Consultant
Miami , NYC, Aspen

“The classes that I have been to thus far have each imparted valuable and immediately actionable insights. Mitch does a great job of relating philosophies and abstract principles to real life. In particular I have enjoyed hearing stories from long terms students of how they have applied what they have learned in class, and how much it has helped them. I highly recommend this meetup and Mitch – he is extremely knowledgeable and very easy and wonderful to talk to.”

-Ana Bozovic, Miami, FL

“Highly recommend these meetings to anyone who is looking for a piece of mind. Friendly, interactive and relaxing atmosphere. Mitch is doing a great job interpreting the complex methods of meditation while guiding great practical exercises in class. Participants who attend meetings for some time see a remarkable reduction in their stress level and increased ability to withstand anxiety on a daily basis. Looking forward to more classes.”

-Alina Sinayuk, Miami Beach, FL

“Mitch, thank you so much for last night’s class. Someone in the class said you were like Tony Robbins and I second that but I think you’re even more compassionate and kind. More professionals should go to this because I truly believe you can attain a higher level of success through it!”

–Sonia Rodriguez, Miami, FL

“Thank you Mitch for sharing your story and life experience. Very inspirational! … Amazing class! Thanks again and hope to see you soon. ”

-Serge K., Miami, FL

“What a great class! Mitch did a great job explaining very difficult and important material. He walked us through it, answered questions, we did a meditation, which was very helpful and he explained ideas that would have been very challenging without the guidance of someone with as much experience as he has. Thanks Mitch!”

-Fabiola Rincon, Miami, FL

“I attended Mitch’s excellent class ‘Understanding and Training the Mind.’ Learning Mindfulness with Mitch has helped me in my day to day life to recover in minutes my peace, wellbeing and ability to be present. I enjoy feeling the breeze, the sounds and the wealth that life always offers when I am present with it. Being present with humility, by recognizing these subtle, and vital elements that surround us, makes a big difference in my life, both personally and professionally. I’m looking forward to taking many more courses with Mitch!”

–Marcelle K., Miami, FL

“This is only the beginning! I was hesitant to take the class; yet then learned a lot about myself in just 2 hours! Your coaching and guidance is great! You are very approachable, and compassionate. It’s amazing what happens in a group dynamic; the class was full of wonderful small surprises, some a-ha moments and sparks of enlightenment. You will go very very far! Can’t wait for the next one.”

–Nathalie Birkenfeld, Miami, FL

“Mitch, last night’s class and especially the first exercise, was so enlightening. I know this class was put forth in front of me for a reason and just the right timing. You are not only an excellent teacher but your kindness, caring, and compassion touch my heart. I feel so extremely blessed to be a part of this group. Thank you so much!”

–Alicia Llaneza, Miami, FL

“This class has had a huge impact on my life and how I react to life’s challenges and situations. I feel extremely blessed to have known about this class.”

-Alicia Llaneza, Miami, FL

“I am absolutely pleased with the adjustments I’ve made in my life after these group readings, and Mitch ‘ s insightful guidance makes our meetings even more rewarding.”

–Consuelo Baranca, Miami, FL

“Mitch led a great class and helped us understand a very difficult subject.”

-Dr. Steven Roth, Miami, FL

“Phenomenal presentation Mitch! Looking forward to the next one.”

-Serge K., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Great group, lots of positivity, very supportive environment. Mitch knows his stuff and presents it well.”

–George G., Miami, FL

“If you’re going to be in Miami for this workshop, I’d’ strongly recommend attending. Mitch Swergold is amazing!”

-Penny Wilson in Vail, CO

“Really enjoy your talks, Mitch! Always very insightful and full of energy. Specifically your talks about subconcious patterns and helping identify them to overcome obstacles in the way of true happiness and self-fulfillment. For almost a year now I had had the pleasure of being a student of your wisdom and I enjoy our discourse about the mind and relationships. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge you have shared and I’m confident you will continue to help others also on the journey of self-discovery and mastery.”

-Viviana Campo, Miami, FL